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The Marbella Painting company provides professional quality painting services in Marbella and the surrounding areas in the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. A wide range of additional painting-related services are also offered and a free quotation is provided for any size painting project for your home or office.

Marbella Painting Company Services

Our core specialised service is all general painting, walls, ceilings and woodwork providing a seamless and clean finish. These core painting services in Marbella and surrounding areas are:

Below summarises a selection of additional services we at the Marbella Painting Company can offer you. No matter what your project involves we have a network of reputable local businesses to fulfil an extensive range of specialist services outside of our general services portfolio. Our reputation and that of those we work closely with is something that we pride ourselves on, and this quality of service is the proof and testament of our commitment to local businesses and its residents.

Humidity Problems

Almost all properties in Spain are constructed from sand and cement forming concrete structures which is highly porous. We regularly come across rising damp problems which are another issue and often require expensive solutions to fix them, however most problems are related to poor ventilation in a property. These humidity problems are quickly resolved by removing loose flaky paint and plaster then treating with anti-humidity paint before repairing the plaster and painting.


Our team of experts take pride in hanging all types of wallpaper the secret is in the preparation. Before we hang any wallpaper we ensure that the surfaces are free of any lumps or blemishes this often involves thorough scraping and filling with fine filler. Next we rub down smooth the wall before we seal it with latex sealer prior to hanging the paper.

Special effects

One of our speciality finishes is wall bronzing this is a finish that looks like molten metal similar to what you may see on a bronze statue quite often added as a feature wall in a room maybe behind a bed or in a hall. There are seven processes to complete before we arrive at the final finish these include preparation filling, skimming, and painting, colour washing and varnishing. This does not have to be bronze it can be done in any colour you choose but the metal finishes certainly offer the most dramatic effect.

Other special effects include hand painted candy striping again often used as a feature wall and then there is the more traditional colour-washing, using brushes or ragging.

Floor painting

We offer a comprehensive floor restoration service for all types of floors including tennis and padel courts. First the floor is pressure cleaned and dried before any damage is repaired and skimmed using cement if necessary. Next the floor is sealed using a synthetic latex sealer prior to painting with high quality floor paint.

Flat roof waterproofing

Many roofs in Spain are flat and treated with gaucho rubber paint this can often over time without attention become dilapidated in the intense Spanish sun. In the worst cases we will remove the old gaucho system and repair using felt and tar before covering with a new gaucho system. If flat roofs are maintained frequently the gaucho paint system which uses a fibre mesh is more than adequate for most situations and a fresh coat of gaucho paint once every two years will keep your roof waterproof.


We have been asked on many occasions to paint furniture for clients for some this will be a new colour which involves rubbing down, priming and painting and sometimes metal furniture. However more generally we are asked to do teak garden furniture which we do using teak oil this brings back the colour of the teak that has been bleached by the sun and prevents water from rotting the wood. We don’t recommend you varnish your garden furniture because this can bring on the onset of the rotting process over time and makes your furniture extremely high maintenance.

Swimming pool painting

In Spain most swimming pools are now tiled however some pools are painted and from time to time require painting this is an expensive process and needs to be completed correctly. First the pool is emptied and pressure cleaned and dried thoroughly. Next any cracks are filled using durable and flexible filler prior to painting with specialist swimming pool paint. The pool needs to be kept empty for ten days to allow the paint to cure before filling with water. We recommend this maintenance is done in the cooler months because the intense summer heat generates toxic fumes while painting.

Terracotta tile sealing

Many floor tiles used in Spain are the porous terracotta type for many this doesn’t pose any problems. However as the tiles are porous they are inclined to produce a lot of dust and can be stained easily should you drop any food or spill any wine on them for example. We offer a simple solution by treating the tiles with a simple treatment that makes them none porous and with no shiny residue either, the product is quickly absorbed into the tiles and cement grouting forming a barrier against stains and eliminating dust.

All types of metalwork painting, window grilles, garden gates, fencing and furniture.

General building work

Also falling within our range of services is all types of general building work, construction, tiling, kitchens and bathrooms and much more.

We recommend

We work very closely with Sue & Lindsey of Life in Colour Studio (experts in upholstery, curtains, blinds, cushions, and anything at all to do with fabric! Life in Colour Studio is based from their workshop in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella. They can be reached via or via telephone on 637 986 392.

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